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The ADVATx is the world’s first solid-state yellow laser producing both 589nm (pure yellow) and 1319nm (infrared) wavelengths. Bringing in Singapore’s first and only* ADVATx system keeps us on the forefront of treatments for redness, allowing us to effectively treat over 15 US FDA approved indications including inflammatory acne, acne marks / scars, rosacea and telangiectasia, as well as the vascular component of melasma, fine lines, wrinkles, and skin rejuvenation.

Its patented PulSync™ technology generates a continuous beams consisting of multiple short pulses (a single pulse actually consists of 240 short pulses). The interval between each pulse allows for the diffusion of heat, which allows the increase of temperature gradually, without high spikes of heat commonly associated with traditional single-pulsed vascular lasers. This allows our doctors to deliver high levels of energy (for better treatment results) with little to no pain, and much lower risks of downtime and side effects such as bruising, purpura, or scarring.

The pure yellow component of the ADVATx can mitigate or completely resolve red and irritated skin due to acute skin inflammation or sensitive reactions in as little as a single session; while a tailored treatment plan over time is effective in the resolution of acne and acne marks, as well as shrinking and reducing the blood vessels near the surface of the skin in patients with rosacea or sensitive skin, effectively reducing the frequency and severity of flushing, for a calm and even skin tone.

The AdvaBright protocol combines the pure yellow with the infrared wavelengths, which effectively improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, open pores and textural irregularities, delivering brighter skin complexion and smoother skin texture, while promoting the regeneration of collagen in the skin to restore healthy skin, that is more resilient to the stressors of aging and the environment.

Indications for ADVATx

– Redness, sensitive skin
– Inflammatory (“active”) acne
– Acne marks
– Eczema flare
– Rosacea
– Telangiectasia (tiny visible “veins”)
– Dull, uneven skin tone

Expectations with ADVATx treatment

– Reduction or resolution of skin redness
– Resolution of active acne
– Reduction or resolution of eczema / rosacea flare
– Prevention of eczema / rosacea flare
– Bright, glowing skin