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The PicoSure Difference: Focus Lens Array

Collagen forms the essential building blocks of our skin that provide strength and structure, contributing to a youthful look. 🧱

Traditionally, to stimulate the formation of new collagen in the skin, methods are used to cause controlled damage to the skin, in order to trigger a healing response that leads to the formation of new collagen. However, these methods can be associated with lengthy downtime such as redness and scabbing, as well as risks such as burns or scarring. 🔥

The patented focus lens array of the PicoSure®️ grants it the unique ability to deliver high energy peaks to effectively stimulate the healing process that leads to formation of new collagen; yet at the same time, with lower background energy and unwanted heat, that helps minimise downtime and risks. 👍🏻

Watch the full video to understand the science behind what makes the PicoSure®️ simultaneously efficacious at collagen stimulation, more comfortable, and safe.

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