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The support system of our face | DrFL explains Retaining Ligaments

Our facial fat is not one uniform block, but distinct compartments supported by a system of retaining ligaments. As we age, the ligaments lose support unevenly. In turn the fat compartments move out of place, leading to hollows, sagginess and unwanted skin folds that appear as lines or wrinkles. This is also what we term as facial aging. Facelifts, with the help of fillers and botox, then aim to correct this.

Another way to describe the mechanism of aging is through the Triangle of Youth explained in this video here: The Triangle of Y…

Here at DRFL Medical Aesthetics Clinic, we have a way to slow down this process, making you age better. Better known as #drflsignaturefacelift, drop us a message, or leave a comment if you’d like to learn more.

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